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Try These 5 Restaurants on Tempura Day Around Michiana

There are many things to love about living in the Michiana area, including the incredible variety of dining options. If you love to eat out, you're not alone. Our real estate agents are constantly exploring local restaurants so they can offer recommendations to new residents. 

Since there are so many great Asian restaurants here, we were excited to learn that National Tempura Day is coming up on January 7th. Here are a few of the best local places for you to get your tempura fix. 

  1. Woochi Japanese Fusion & Bar: 119 N. Michigan St., South Bend, IN 46601
    One of the top 10 fine dining destinations in the greater South Bend region, Woochi Japanese Fusion & Bar offers incredible sushi and Japanese dishes in a unique, upscale environment. If you're been looking at South Bend homes for sale, you'll definitely want to familiarize yourself with this incredible restaurant! They're known for their incredibly fresh seafood and a full bar that serves up some of the best martinis in the area. Start your evening off with some shrimp or vegetable tempura, then enjoy a hibachi entree, sushi platter, Asian fusion entree, or a rice or noodle dish.

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Buying a Home Just Got More Convenient | Cressy & Everett Real Estate

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the social distancing requirements that came with it, initially created a lot of chaos and inconvenience. However, as time goes on, we've all found creative ways to adapt. Some of the changes that were born out of necessity have now made life much easier.

The real estate industry is one place where going virtual has made a real difference. Our real estate agents love how much more convenient the buying process is for their clients. Here are a few of the ways social distancing has changed things for the better.

  • Virtual Tours
    Virtual tours are the first option most buyers will explore when looking at South Bend homes for sale. These are short videos that show off the best features of homes listed on the market. While this is certainly nothing new, many buyers use them to narrow down their choices before going further.

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Condo or House - Buy a Home - Cressy & Everett Real Estate

So, you're looking at South Bend homes for sale, and you see many different types of properties with different square footage and features. Should you buy a house? Or should you buy a condo? Each has its benefits and drawbacks. One has a pool and is close to downtown. The other has a fenced-in yard and is in the suburbs. Since homeownership and condo living are two different experiences, what you decide to buy will come down to your needs, preferences, and overall financial picture.

How Are Condos and Houses Different?

A condominium is a private residential unit within a larger building or complex. Condos are more like apartments, so they're a denser form of housing. Condo owners have full control over what happens inside their home, but the exterior of the building and common areas are owned and maintained by a condo board or homeowners association (HOA). Condos are usually found in more urban areas and are very popular with investors, downsizers, and first-time buyers.

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Thanksgiving Dessert Alternatives - Cressy & Everett Real Estate

Thanksgiving dinner may look a bit different this year for most of us, so why not try something different for dessert? If you've been looking at South Bend homes for sale this fall, you'll probably also want to simplify your meal prep and perhaps skip the homemade pie. The good news? There are scores of fantastic recipes out there that prove Thanksgiving dessert doesn't have to be pie. 

Here are some new riffs on Thanksgiving dessert: 

  1. Pumpkin Truffles
    Need that pumpkin fix? Pumpkin Truffles should do the trick. Plus, what's better than bite-size so that your guest can keep the sampling size down and try several different desserts? The ingredients are cream cheese and graham crackers, which hold everything together, plus confectioners' sugar, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and pumpkin puree. Include chocolate for dippings. The type of chocolate is up to you.

    This recipe takes some prep time, so be forewarned. The dough must be chilled for 3 hours; after the dough balls are formed, they must be refrigerated; and then the chocolate must be melted for dipping. The truffles are made of cream cheese, so this dessert should be chilled until served.

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Dessert Destinations - South Bend, IN - Cressy & Everett Real Estate

Craving some chocolate ice cream or a piece of red velvet cake? Dessert is how we celebrate special events in our lives, spend time with family, or simply treat ourselves after a tough day. From pastries to cheesecake, great desserts come in a variety of forms and everybody has a favorite. With so many great dessert options around the South Bend area, deciding what you're in the mood for is going to be the biggest challenge. Below are recommendations for 5 places to indulge in dessert:

  1. South Bend Chocolate Company - 3300 W. Sample St., South Bend IN 46619
    If you're a chocolate lover, our real estate agents suggest a visit to the South Bend Chocolate Company. There are multiple stores around the area, but the factory and main location occupy over 60,000 square feet near the west side of South Bend. They offer over 500 types of chocolate and sweets. Buy packaged chocolate or pay by the pound. In addition to chocolate, they also offer a wide variety of coffee and gifts. After choosing some sweets, take a ride by these South Bend homes for sale.

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South Bend IN Restaurants Open Thanksgiving
House hunting takes a lot of energy. If you've been touring South Bend homes for sale, you probably won't have the energy to cook a big Thanksgiving meal. You also don't need the hassle of traveling over the river and through the woods to your relative's house. Our real estate agents have a better idea. Why not let someone else do all the work this year?

We've selected a few warm and wonderful restaurants that are just perfect for Thanksgiving Day dining. You make a reservation, show up and enjoy.

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South Bend Restaurants
People often ask our real estate agents about the features that make a city or neighborhood a wonderful place to live. Home buyers want to make sure there are plenty of things to do around town to keep busy and enrich their lives. One thing that stands out about downtown South Bend is the wide variety of quality dining options. You'll want to try them all! 

About the South Bend Downtown Dining Association

The Downtown Dining Association is dedicated to ensuring the residents of South Bend and the surrounding communities have plenty of options to satisfy their hunger. They help promote locally owned and operated restaurants that serve fresh made seasonal food. So the money you spend at their downtown member restaurants stays in the community and benefits the local economy.

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south Bend-Day-Spas
Finding the right home can be a lot of work and sometimes even a little stressful. Why not take some time out and schedule a little relaxation. Recharge at one of these local day spas, and you'll be back to feeling like your usual amazing self in no time! Our real estate agents are excited to share seven of South Bend's favorite spas for you to enjoy.

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Are you ready to experience some of the finest food that South Bend has to offer? All throughout the city, you'll find a great collection of pizzerias, where you can grab your own slice of heaven in South Bend. Enjoy your favorite classic pie, or branch out to try one of the new, unique pizza creations available in the city. Our real estate agents know the city, and we've got the details on where to find the best pizza in South Bend, IN.

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South Bend Leaf Peeping
Fall has arrived in South Bend, Indiana bringing with it an annual celebration of color. Leaves are changing and the colors are often breathtaking. As trees transition to their most colorful seasonal palette, residents with South Bend homes can enjoy the art of leaf-peeping. 

Gold, red, and orange foliage lines South Bend streets and walkways with hypnotic color. Its beauty worth sharing, so Cressy & Everett real estate agents want to give you a heads-up on where you can find some of the best leaf-peeping in South Bend, Indiana.

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South Bend Offers Eight Historic Districts to Buy a Home

South Bend Historic Districts

Considering a home in South Bend? South Bend features eight distinctive historic districts for you to choose from. Each one has its own special style and great features to entice you. Let's look at them now and get familiar with all South Bend has to offer:

  1. Chapin Park
    As a National Historic District, the downtown area's features striking architectural styles including Gothic, Second Empire, Queen Anne, and many more. These restored turn of the century properties are especially popular with young families.

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Living in Downtown South BendLife in Downtown South Bend, Indiana is anything but average. Every morning you'll find a world-class city waiting outside your front door where history, entertainment and outdoor fun meet to create an active, engaging lifestyle. The diverse population of South Bend's downtown includes retirees, college students, families, young professionals and everyone in between. South Bend is the sort of city where every new resident is welcomed as a member of the community. Once you experience Downtown South Bend, it's hard to imagine living anywhere else. 

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