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Sell Your Home This WinterAre you ready to sell your home, but waiting out the winter before you decide to put it on the market? You may have heard that winter isn't the best time to sell a home, but there are actually some significant advantages to putting your home on the market during the cold-weather months. Some of the most committed buyers on the market will still be shopping hard during the winter, and a slightly slower market gives your home a better chance to stand out from the pack. Still need convincing? Our REALTORS® have five reasons why winter can be a great time to sell your house.

  1. Less Competition = More Chances to Stand Out
    Whether it's because of the winter weather, the holidays, or any other reason, many sellers either take a break during the winter months or wait until the spring to get serious about listing for the first time. Which means you'll have often have less competition if you choose to sell during the winter! Having fewer homes competing with yours on the market gives you a chance to gain increased exposure, connect with buyers who are committed to closing the deal, and maybe even earn a little extra cash than you would listing the same home during a busier season.

  2. Serious Buyers Shop During the Winter
    In addition to having less competition from other sellers during the winter, you'll also find that there are fewer buyers on the market during the winter months. This might sound like bad news, but in practice it is often the opposite. While there are fewer buyers, those who remain on the market in the winter tend to be very serious about finding the right home, as soon as possible. A pool of motivated buyers gives you an advantage in marketing your home, and in finding the best possible return on your investment.

  3. Winter Scenery for Easy Curb Appeal
    The winter months are a bit different when it comes to curb appeal, since your landscaping features will often be taking a rest until spring rolls around. So you can add curb appeal by making sure that your yard is always clean, doing some light holiday decorating, and taking advantage of the snowy winter scenery. With less landscaping to worry about, it's also easier to maintain that curb appeal for as long as your home is on the winter market.

  4. Aiming for a Quick Sale
    If you're aiming to close the deal quickly, there are few better times to list your home than during the winter months. The combination of fewer homes on the market and fewer buyers shopping means that you'll have less competition for finding the right match. A buyer who finds your home and falls in love with it will know that they have to move quickly, before another highly motivated buyer swoops in to close the deal.

  5. A Seller's Market
    The realities of the winter real estate market mean that sellers will often be in position to find a better deal than they would during the busiest months of the year. As a seller, this means that you'll often be able to push for more favorable terms, secure some nice perks, and sell your home for more than you would when the competition is higher.

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