Email Post to a Friend: 3 Things to Do This Weekend to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

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Spring Home Improvement
The countdown to Spring 2018 is officially on! While you're dreaming of lazy days spent enjoying warmer weather, there are things you can do now to start getting your home ready. Spring is a time of growth and rebirth, making it a perfect time to freshen up your home--both inside and out. This is especially important if you're getting ready to sell your home this spring.

Here are a few things you can do this weekend to start getting your home ready for spring. 

  1. Power wash the exterior.
    Whether you want your house looking better to sell or just with upcoming house parties and BBQs in mind, nothing increases a home's curb appeal like a clean exterior. Right now is a perfect time to power wash your home's exterior before the landscaping begins to grow. Pay special attention to windows, under the eaves, nooks and crevices in the siding, and flat surfaces like patios and walkways. Some patio furniture can even be power washed. This is also a good time to inspect the exterior of your home and make a note of any repairs that need to be taken care of before you list your home for sale.
  2. Clear your flower beds.
    Even if it's too early to start planting, you can get the flower beds ready for spring planting, and clear them for early bloomers such as crocuses and daffodils. Winter winds and snows bring a lot of debris and added to any mulch you put down last fall to protect your flower beds, there is likely plenty to clear away before you can plant this spring. Doing it now will simply help to get you ready sooner so that when it's time to plant, there will be nothing holding you back! The earlier you start cleaning up the outside of your home and planting your garden, the earlier you can benefit from the added curb appeal of having a nicely landscaped home.
  3. Declutter.
    Whether you're moving or staying put, chances are you have a lot of clutter that has collected since last year's spring cleaning, so now it's time to tackle it again. Go through your house and get rid of anything that doesn't serve a function or hold special memories, anything that hasn't been used or worn in a while, and anything that your family has outgrown or no longer wants. If you'll be selling your home, also take special care to depersonalize, packing away the personal things like framed photos that you will want to keep. Houses sell better when they are clutter-free and impersonal, allowing prospective buyers to more easily imagine themselves in the home.

Spring 2018 doesn't arrive until March 20; however, that doesn't mean it's too early to start getting in the mood for spring. Get your home and yourself ready for the warmer months now, and you'll be ready to spring into action once it's warm enough to plant, have house parties, or list your home for sale.

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