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Move to a New country
If you're moving to another country, you have a few exciting challenges ahead. Relocating an ocean away is far more complicated than moving to another neighborhood. You have a lot of decisions ahead, and you'll need international contacts to assist you. 

Cressy and Everett Real Estate is a member Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE), a by-invitation-only network of the world's market-leading independent residential brokerages in over 70 countries, which means you have access to a network of world-class connections across the globe ready to help you make your move.

Our real estate agents have compiled a list of basics to consider as you plan your move to a different country.

Getting Started Planning Your Move

Length of Your Stay
Everything you do is contingent on how long you plan to live your expatriate life. Are you thinking about England for a year or Serbia forever? If you're relocating for your current employer, you probably know your timeframe. If not, you should estimate your length of stay. Your timeline controls decisions related to travel documents, finances, residence, and other vital issues. 

Calculate the Exchange Rate
How long will your life savings last in Kyrgyzstan? If you've found a job in the Dominican Republic paying $4,994.13 a week, you should know that's equivalent to 100 American dollars. Calculate your new country's exchange rate at Once you understand the money, you can figure out potential cost of living challenges.

What Travel Documents Do You Need
When you input your destination country into the U. S. Department of State, Passports & International Travel search engine, it provides information on visa requirements and other travel issues. If your employer hasn't made arrangements for your work documents, check with your destination country's government for information on permits and extended visa qualifications. 

Negotiate an Expatriate Relocation Package
If you're relocating for your current employer, you'll need more than a standard relocation package. Negotiate cost-of-living salary differences, moving expenses, and dual tax considerations. Ask for travel allowances, extended vacations, and other critical necessities. Try for a transfer package that doesn't have you losing out financially.   

Start Your Home Search Now
When you're ready to start your search, our international connections through LeadingRE puts you in touch with 565 member companies with 130,000 sales associates in across the globe.

Learn About Job Opportunities
Your visa and work permit process will be less complicated if you have a job waiting for you in a new country.  Start your job search now. You can apply directly to companies or work through an intermediary who understands the job market. Find an international recruiter or check a job search website like Indeed that posts jobs from around the world. 

Find Essential Services
You'll need a doctor, a dentist, and other personal services. Ask your current providers or health insurance carrier if they have contacts in your new area or can tell you where to get referrals. If you have young children, figure out their schooling before you move. Online education is one option.

Decide What to Take With You
Before you hire an international mover, confirm their costs then figure out if your destination country will add on import or customs fees. It might be less expensive to buy household furnishings in your new country. You can store your belongings or leave them with friends and family. Decide also if it's more cost efficient to ship your car or buy or lease one in your new country.

Moving to abroad is exciting but complicated. Cressy & Everett Real Estate and LeadingRE will be there to help you simplify your move to a new country. Contact us when you're ready to get your home search started.

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