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Living Room Staging - Cressy & Everett Real Estate

Selling your home means you want to display everything at its best. You'll want to highlight your best features both inside and out, creating an inviting and welcoming space ready for the next owner. That task can be difficult in winter when so much feels less inviting than sunnier months. During winter focusing on important parts of your home interior can help, and one of the most noticeable features is the main living room of your home. Staging this living room could definitely help you to sell your home, which is why our real estate agents are here to help. 

Here are three reasons why staging your living room is the right choice.

First Impressions Matter

In many home designs, the living room marks the entry to the home area or the initial walkthrough to other parts of the house. When touring a home, the living room is the first impression of the interior. If you give your buyer a bad first impression, it may color the entire tour experience limiting your offers and final sale. 

And first impressions extend beyond home tours, including initial photos. Living rooms are often looked at closely in listings, especially since different sizes and layouts can make these areas difficult to photograph. Properly staged, professionally done photography can have a significant impact on your selling price. Stage your living room to wow on that first look.

A Fresh Look

Living rooms are designed to be, well, lived in. In the process of daily life, you'll have accumulated scuff marks and a little dirt, as well as the clutter in many corners. While all of this may give you quite a home feel, you don't want your buyers to think of the building as someone else's home. Staging your living room can open up that vision so that buyers will be able to picture their own family in this space, and assure everything is shiny and in great condition (a fantastic way to increase offers). Don't forget to add ample seating.

Let in the Light

Staging doesn't begin and end with furniture. Make sure you also consider light when selling your home. Natural light can dramatically change the impression of a room from depressing to darling. Remember, a happy buyer is a motivated buyer too. In addition to arranging your items to use the maximum amount of natural light, make sure you have appropriate bulbs in well-placed lamps as needed to eliminate dark corners and obstructive shadows. 

South Bend homes for sale can get a great price, but it helps to have experts in your corner as you navigate the sales process. Contact us to learn more about your options.

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