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Before you take a hammer to that wall, make sure your renovation will be worth it. Here are renovation trends you should definitely avoid.

South Bend homes for sale have the chance to command a premium price under virtually any market condition. One of the biggest tools a seller has in maximizing their home's value is the ability to upgrade, improve, and renovate in the weeks before a listing goes live. Our real estate agents are there to advise sellers every step of the way. One aspect of that is by helping them decide on the best home renovations to fit their budget. Naturally, it's important to choose things that can get done within the right timeframe and yield a return on investment.

Renovation trends come and go, so a real estate agent's insight is essential.

There are some renovation picks that work nearly every time. On the other hand, not all trends are what they're cracked up to be. Choose to follow the wrong renovation advice, and you can actually make your home harder to sell. And, of course, you won't get your investment back on these false moves.

So, what kinds of renovations should be strictly off the table? While only your real estate agent can zoom in on the best trends, these are definitely out:

  • Modernizing a Historic Home
    Historic homes are historic for a reason. They may not appeal to every buyer, but with the right person your final selling price can far exceed an average home of similar size. Unfortunately, once you eliminate the historic appeal of a home, there's no going back. This usually results in a home where the inside doesn't match the outside, which makes a far more challenging sell than an untouched historic building.

  • Updating Wood Floors to Be "Easier to Clean"
    Hardwood floors are more common than ever. While some sellers hate them, most buyers love them. In fact, hardwood floors are becoming a big selling point in starter homes. They're so desirable no one wants to wait 5-10 years for their second home to get their hands on them. Only replace the floor if you have significant water damage. Talk to an expert about preserving existing wood whenever possible.

  • Replacing Countertops with the Most Expensive Alternative
    Some buyers are big into countertops, and some aren't. Upgrading budget-friendly laminate counters to a mid-market alternative can be a wise idea. But there are dozens of different countertop options, and you will often find yourself pushed toward the most expensive ones. Most buyers see little difference between stylish yet affordable granite and top-of-the-line marble, which can cost twice as much.

  • Doing It Yourself Instead of Working with a Trusted Contractor
    If you have the experience, there are some DIY projects that will almost always help your home get sold. One of the most important of these is new exterior paint. A project that's well within your comfort zone can get done on time and save money. But when things get more complex, don't risk it. A contractor will give you a complete, written scope of work and commit to a deadline that works for your selling goals.

  • Getting Stuck with the Latest Trends Instead of What Buyers Want
    Yes, there is such a thing as too trendy. Most profitable home renovation trends aren't exactly "new" – they're cyclical. Your real estate agent can tell you precisely what's getting real buyer attention these days and what isn't. On the other hand, some things you might see on popular house flipping shows are way out there. They only fit into a niche in certain markets and won't work for the majority of sellers.

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