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These summer fixes can help save you money in the long run. Here's where you should start.

Summer is a good time to do needed maintenance on your home because the good weather enables you to do more, especially with the exterior. Some maintenance offers the ability to save money on future repairs or energy bills, however. Here are a few suggestions from our real estate agents on what summer maintenance will offer the most bang for your buck.

  • Have your AC serviced.
    One of the most important things you can do to cut your costs in the summer is to make sure your air conditioner is running optimally. This means replacing the filter, which you can do yourself, but it also means having the AC serviced periodically. A technician will check the system, clean it, and make sure it's running as it should. A malfunctioning or dirty AC unit can cost you a lot on your energy bill, so regular maintenance and cleaning are a must.

  • Check for leaks around doors and windows.
    The next biggest way to save yourself money is to make sure you're not wasting it on ineffective cooling. If your doors and windows aren't sealing well, you're letting in hot air and making your AC work that much harder. Check for leaks around your windows and doors, replace your windows if necessary, and at a minimum, recaulk around the frames to help minimize drafts.

  • Power wash your siding.
    Summer is a great time to power wash your siding and get rid of the past year's worth (or more!) of dirt and debris. All that dirt buildup can trap moisture or hide signs of damage, so power washing once a year can actually save you money on damage from deferred maintenance. As you're washing, you'll have a chance to inspect your siding and look for anything that's in need of attention, such as peeling paint or water damage.

  • Repair and repaint the exterior as needed.
    If you can identify damage to the siding while it's still small, it'll be much cheaper to do the needed repairs. Small areas of peeling paint can be sanded and painted before it gets worse and causes moisture damage to the siding. This is also a great time to boost your curb appeal and paint your front door a new, eye-popping color! Need inspiration for what color to choose? Check out other homes in your neighborhood, or browse South Bend homes for sale to get a feel for what has the best visual impact.

  • Power wash and reseal your deck.
    Another part of your exterior that can use some maintenance this time of year is your deck. Unprotected decks dry out, splinter, and become prone to moisture damage over time, so power washing your deck and resealing it will help extend its life and protect your investment in your home.

  • Clean the gutters and check the roof.
    Now that winter and spring are over, it's a great time to clean out your gutters to keep them flowing smoothly all summer long. Gutters should be cleaned twice a year on average to prevent the buildup of debris from trees and storms. While you're having the gutters cleaned is also a good time to have the roof inspected so that you can have any small repairs done now while the weather is good.

It's important to take advantage of nice summer weather to get some maintenance done on your home, especially if you're planning on selling soon. For tips on how to prep your home so that it makes a big splash on the market this summer, contact us today.

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