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Interior designers can completely transform the feel of your home. Here's what you need to know about them.

If you want a professional, pulled-together look inside your home, you might be in the market for an interior designer. Whether you are just moving in, ready for a refresh, or wanting your house to look its best to help you sell it faster, here is the rundown on interior designers from our real estate agents.

  • When should you use an interior decorator?
    First things first: When should you use an interior decorator? The most obvious answer is, of course, when you're first moving into a new home. Your previous home may have had a style that won't work in the new one, in which case you may want to start fresh with a design adapted for your new digs. However, that's not the only time that hiring an interior decorator is appropriate. You may also choose to hire a decorator if your decor is dated and needs to be refreshed or to stage your home if you're getting ready to sell it.

  • What does an interior designer do?
    Through a combination of training and experience, an interior designer offers expertise on different styles and current trends to help you design the perfect interior for your home. The designer will incorporate your own personal tastes into the overall design. In the case of home staging, the designer's goal will be to achieve an attractive, neutral look that will appeal to a range of potential buyers rather than reflecting the homeowner's unique sense of style.

  • What does an interior designer cost?
    The cost of an interior designer will vary based on the size of the area you're having decorated and how much work the designer will be doing. A designer might charge a flat fee based on their estimate of how much time the project will require, or they might charge by the hour or the square foot. According to, the national average for an interior decorator is around $6,600, while the cost of having a decorator stage your home to sell it is significantly lower, around $1,700.

  • How long does an interior decorator take?
    The length of time depends heavily on the purpose and scope of the project. Putting together a design scheme for a new home or completely redecorating your existing home can take months, especially if it's part of a larger remodel. If you're just doing a minor overhaul of one or two rooms, it'll take significantly less time, and if you're staging a house to be sold, you can expect results in a matter of days.

  • What should you look for in an interior designer?
    The best way to find an interior designer is a recommendation from someone you know, and preferably, someone whose home decor you admire. Decorators often specialize in certain styles, so liking their past work is important. For home staging, look for recommendations from people you know whose South Bend homes for sale did well on the market. If you can't find one via recommendations, be sure to ask for examples of their work, and be upfront about your style and preferences to ensure the designer will work well with you. Finally, ask for a rundown of the total cost, to ensure you aren't surprised with unexpected charges when the bill comes due.

Whether you're decorating your house to make it feel more like home or staging your old home to sell it, hiring an expert will help you create that impression of effortless style and perfect organization. For help selling your old home, finding a new one, or both, contact us today to discuss the next steps.

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